Boston Terrier sleeping in a super soft dog bed
Super Soft Orthopedic Dog Bed - Boston Terrier World
Super Soft Orthopedic Dog Bed - Boston Terrier World
Super Soft Orthopedic Dog Bed - Boston Terrier World
Super Soft Orthopedic Dog Bed - Boston Terrier World
Super Soft Orthopedic Dog Bed - Boston Terrier World
Super Soft Calming Dog Bed - Anti Slippery Bottom

    Super Soft Calming Plush Dog Bed

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      Made of long plush, super soft and warm.

      Your dog will have a better sleep into the soft, calming vegan faux fur of this bed.

      Its improved raised lip creates a feeling of security and envelopment that allows nerve receptors to transmit a feeling of calm and relaxation. While the shape provides full body support, the soft padding and the cozy material provides muscle and joint comfort.

      Dogs LOVE to sleep on them!
      It's approved by many Boston Terriers 🙂

      Boston Terrier Sleeping In A Super Soft Dog Bed

      Wrap your dog in a comfortable and protective atmosphere with this luxurious bed! Your dog will have a full, restful sleep for improved behavior and better health.


      What size to choose?

      Bed Size

      Dog Size

      20 inches
      Up to 16 lbs
      24 inches
      Up to 24 lbs
      28 inches
      Up to 32 lbs
      31 inches
      Up to 42 lbs or 2 small dogs
      39 inches
      Up to 92 lbs or 2 medium dogs or 3 small dogs

      *This is an estimated average. Please take into consideration your dog's weight when purchasing. Do not hesitate to order a size up if your dog likes to have more room.



      The bed comes in a vacuumed packaging for cost-effective shipping. It will take some time to regain its full size. Please be patient while it expands.

      You can easily clean the bed in the washing machine. Cold water and gentle cycle. You can also wash by hand.

      You can dry the bed in the dryer or dry flat. To dry the bed in the dryer, you must select tumble dry and low heat.

      NOTE : To avoid matting of the fur and to ensure longevity, it is important that the bed is dried at low heat.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 30 reviews
      Sandra B.

      This is literally the only bed Rudy hasn’t ripped to shreds. He loves snuggling up in his soft, cuddly bed and I’m getting ready to order a second one!!

      Lisa O.

      My senior dog Shiloh LOVES this cozy fluffy bed. She snuggles down in it and the snores can be heard throughout the house. Definitely a hit!

      Amanda J.

      I’d say Gunner approves. He absolutely loves snuggling in his bed! He loves to burrow in it with his blanket.


      Received this yesterday and let it expand overnight. I purchased the 80 cm for both dogs to enjoy, yet Murphy seems to have taken over. Both dogs (Boston Terriers) seem to enjoy it and while soft now, I hope it expands a bit more.

      Sue L.

      Super soft and my Bostons love their new beds!

      Melody D.

      It seems to work well!

      Cheryl L.

      My Boston Terrier, Charlie, loves this bed, he is a comfort seeker 😊

      Adrian M.

      my dog love it

      Katheryn K.

      I think it’s very nice but my dogs won’t go near it. They go over and sniff it but won’t get in it. I don’t know why. Maybe some day they will

      DBS Gregory M.

      Love the bed. I believe I had to choose a bigger size, but other than that the bed is cute, and my boston like it.