Christmas Collection (52)

Welcome to our collection of Boston Terrier Christmas items! Our selection includes Boston Terrier-themed holiday apparel, mugs, and more, all designed to celebrate this beloved breed. Whether you’re dressing your pup up in a Santa suit, or sipping hot cocoa from a Boston Terrier mug, you’re sure to find something special here. Celebrate the holidays with your Boston Terrier and make this a Christmas to remember!

Christmas Boston Terrier Dog Vest


Ugly Christmas Boston Terrier T-Shirt


Christmas Flakes Boston Terrier Sweatshirt


Buffalo Plaid Dog Collar with Bow Tie


Christmas Flakes Boston Terrier T-Shirt


Boston Terrier Calendar 2024


Boston Terrier Christmas Ceramic Ornament 1-Pack


Ugly Christmas Boston Terrier Sweatshirt


Boston Terrier Desktop Calendar 2024


Colorful Geometric Boston Terrier Stained Glass Ornaments - Brown and Harmonious


Bright Boston Holiday - Santa Pup Style Unisex Sweatshirt


Dog Tuxedo Bow Tie Suit Bandana Triangular Binder