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Christmas Collection (16)

Welcome to our collection of Boston Terrier Christmas items! Our selection includes Boston Terrier-themed holiday apparel, mugs, and more, all designed to celebrate this beloved breed. Whether you’re dressing your pup up in a Santa suit, or sipping hot cocoa from a Boston Terrier mug, you’re sure to find something special here. Celebrate the holidays with your Boston Terrier and make this a Christmas to remember!

Ugly Christmas Boston Terrier T-Shirt


Christmas Boston Terrier Dog Vest


Buffalo Plaid Dog Collar with Bow Tie


Christmas Flakes Boston Terrier T-Shirt


Ugly Christmas Boston Terrier Sweatshirt


Ugly Christmas Boston Terrier Long Sleeve Tee


Christmas Flakes Boston Terrier Hoodie


Christmas Flakes Boston Terrier Sweatshirt


Santa Claus Riding Deer Dog Costume


Boston Terrier Paws and Bones Wrapping Paper Sheets (3)


Christmas Red Dog Shoes


Dog Guitarist Costume