Why Your Boston Terrier Dog Hates The Vacuum?

on January 24, 2023

If you’re a Boston Terrier owner, you’ve probably noticed that your pup doesn’t seem to be a fan of the vacuum cleaner. While some dogs may be indifferent to the sound and sight of a vacuum, Boston Terriers tend to be particularly afraid of it. But why do Boston Terriers hate the vacuum?

Why Your Boston Terrier Dog Hates The Vacuum?

The most likely explanation is that the loud noise of the vacuum is simply too much for your pup to handle. Boston Terriers are known for their sensitive hearing, and the sound of the vacuum may be overwhelming for them. Additionally, the vacuum’s fast-moving bristles may be seen as a threat, causing your pup to be scared.

Another reason why your Boston Terrier may be scared of the vacuum is the presence of unfamiliar smells. Vacuums can pick up a variety of smells – from dust and dirt to pet hair and more – and these unfamiliar scents may cause your pup to become anxious.

It’s important to remember that Boston Terriers are incredibly smart dogs and may have learned to associate the vacuum with negative experiences. If your pup has been reprimanded for getting too close to the vacuum or has been scared by the noise of the vacuum in the past, they may become anxious when they see the vacuum cleaner.

If your Boston Terrier is scared of the vacuum, it’s important to take steps to make them feel more comfortable. Start by introducing them to the vacuum in a calm and positive way. Let them explore the vacuum at their own pace, and reward them with treats and praise when they do. You should also make sure to keep vacuuming sessions short and sweet, to help reduce your pup’s anxiety.

Ultimately, Boston Terriers may be scared of the vacuum because of the loud noise and unfamiliar smells. But with some patience and positive reinforcement, you can help your pup learn to feel more comfortable around the vacuum cleaner.

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by Nancy Nordenstrom on February 08, 2023

My Boston chases it and barks at it!

by Cornelia Horn on January 25, 2023

My boston do not like noises like a grass mower or electric mixer. She ran away with her ears crossed

by Randy on January 24, 2023

My Boston not afraid of the vacuum at all it plays with vaccum


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