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Why Do Boston Terriers Fart So Much?

on January 27, 2023

Are you familiar with the phrase "silent but deadly?" If you have a Boston Terrier at home, then you’re probably very familiar with it! Yes, it’s true – Boston Terriers love to fart. In fact, they may even be the gassiest of all dog breeds.

Why Do Boston Terriers Fart So Much?

So why do Boston Terriers fart so much? The answer lies in their diet. Boston Terriers are prone to digestive issues, which means they must be fed carefully and often. This, in turn, can result in excess gas and flatulence.

Aside from dietary issues, Boston Terriers are also prone to genetic issues like a sensitive stomach, which can result in more farting. Additionally, their anatomy can also lead to more flatulence. Boston Terriers’ bodies are compact and deep-chested, making it easier for gas to collect and linger.

But don’t worry – there’s something you can do about this. Modifying your Boston Terrier’s diet can make a big difference in controlling the gas problem. Feed them a high-quality, low-fat and highly digestible diet and make sure it’s broken down into smaller meals throughout the day. This will help aid in digestion, which will reduce excess gas.

Another way to reduce their flatulence is to add probiotics to their diet. This can help restore the balance of “good” bacteria in their gut, which will help in digestion and reduce gas.

Finally, limit their intake of treats that are high in fat. These can cause gas and upset the balance of their gut flora.

Farts may be a normal part of life when it comes to owning a Boston Terrier, but with a few changes to their diet and lifestyle, you can help reduce their gassiness.

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