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What’s the story behind Boston Terrier Dog Tails? What’s standard?

on February 17, 2023

The Boston Terrier is one of America’s most beloved breeds. But what is the story behind their distinctive tails? What is the standard for tails on this breed? Let’s take a closer look and find out!

What's The Story Behind Boston Terrier Tails? What's Standard?

The Boston Terrier is a cross between an English Bulldog and a white English Terrier, which is why they’re sometimes referred to as the “American Gentleman”. They were first bred in the late 19th century by Robert C. Hooper in Boston, Massachusetts. It’s believed that he was trying to create a breed which would be both a companion and a watchdog.

The Boston Terrier is a short-haired, compactly built breed with a square-shaped head and short muzzle. They have a wide range of colors, including black and white, brindle and white, and seal and white. But what makes them stand out is their unique tails.

The standard for Boston Terrier tails is a “screw” tail, or what is sometimes referred to as a “stumpy” tail. This means that the tail is either corkscrew-shaped or has a kink in the middle. It should be no longer than the hock of the hind leg and should be carried level or higher than the back.

The reason for this unique tail is believed to be a result of crossbreeding. It’s thought that when Hooper was crossing the English Bulldog with the English Terrier, he wanted to create a breed with an alert and watchful nature. To do this, he bred a breed with a short, stubby tail that would be able to remain upright and alert when necessary.

Boston Terrier tails are usually a reflection of the breed’s personality. Some have an active, lively tail that they’ll wag when they’re happy or excited. Others have a more subdued tail, which will lie low when they’re in a relaxed state.

Boston Terriers should never have their tails docked, as this is considered cruel and unnecessary. Docking is the practice of surgically removing part or all of a dog’s tail for cosmetic reasons. In the United States, it is illegal in many states, including Massachusetts, where the Boston Terrier was first bred.

Boston Terrier tails come in many shapes and sizes, but the screw tail is the standard for the breed. It’s believed to be an important part of the breed’s history and provides a unique characteristic that sets them apart from other breeds.

So, the next time you see a Boston Terrier, take a closer look at their tail. It’s a reminder of the breed’s history and a distinctive feature that sets them apart. And when it comes to the standard for tails on this beloved breed, it’s all about the screw tail!

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by Bernadette on October 24, 2023

When you get a Boston Terrier you should look at the tail. Some have different shapes and sizes. Know that if you purchase one where there’s an indent and no tail some medical issues can arise from that. So check the tail out. It’s one important thing to check as the vet bills can add up. It doesn’t mean they were docked. F Y I. They are a beautiful family dog too, just saying.

by Shari Guerra on March 07, 2023

I wish you would have had pictures of some Boston’s tails. My girls tail is pretty much gone I think they docked it but so much it doesn’t look like she even has a tail. Thanks!! I Love my Boston!!


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