15 Dog Breeds That Weigh As Much As A Boston Terrier

on February 18, 2024

15 Dog Breeds That Weigh As Much As A Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are known for their compact size, expressive faces, and friendly demeanor. They typically weigh between 12 to 25 pounds, making them a perfect size for many dog lovers. If you're a fan of this weight range, you might be interested in exploring other breeds that share similar physical attributes. Here are 15 adorable dog breeds that weigh as much as a Boston Terrier.

1. French Bulldog

  • Weight: 16-28 pounds
  • Characteristics: French Bulldogs, or "Frenchies," are known for their bat-like ears, muscular build, and affectionate nature. They are great companions and adapt well to city living.

2. Pug

  • Weight: 14-18 pounds
  • Characteristics: Pugs are charming, with a distinctive wrinkled face and curled tail. They are playful, loving, and enjoy being the center of attention.

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  • Weight: 13-18 pounds
  • Characteristics: These spaniels are known for their graceful appearance and friendly disposition. They are great with children and other pets, making them excellent family dogs.

4. Miniature Schnauzer

  • Weight: 11-20 pounds
  • Characteristics: Miniature Schnauzers are known for their distinctive beard and eyebrows. They are intelligent, energetic, and have a friendly personality.

5. Shetland Sheepdog

  • Weight: 15-25 pounds
  • Characteristics: Shelties are small, agile herding dogs with a beautiful, long coat. They are intelligent, loyal, and excel in obedience and agility training.

6. Cocker Spaniel

  • Weight: 20-30 pounds
  • Characteristics: Cocker Spaniels are known for their long, silky ears and gentle expression. They are affectionate, playful, and enjoy being part of a family.

7. Basenji

  • Weight: 22-24 pounds
  • Characteristics: Basenjis are unique in that they don't bark; instead, they make a variety of sounds, including yodels. They are independent, intelligent, and have a short, easy-to-care-for coat.

8. Dachshund

  • Weight: 16-32 pounds (standard size)
  • Characteristics: Dachshunds, also known as "wiener dogs," are recognizable by their long bodies and short legs. They are curious, lively, and have a bold personality.

9. Bichon Frise

  • Weight: 12-18 pounds
  • Characteristics: Bichon Frises are known for their fluffy white coats and cheerful disposition. They are hypoallergenic, making them a good choice for allergy sufferers.

10. Italian Greyhound

  • Weight: 7-14 pounds
  • Characteristics: Italian Greyhounds are slender, elegant dogs with a graceful gait. They are affectionate, playful, and enjoy being close to their owners.

11. Jack Russell Terrier

  • Weight: 13-17 pounds
  • Characteristics: Jack Russell Terriers are energetic, intelligent, and have a strong hunting instinct. They are bold, fearless, and require plenty of exercise.

12. Beagle

  • Weight: 20-30 pounds
  • Characteristics: Beagles are known for their excellent sense of smell and tracking ability. They are friendly, curious, and great with children.

13. Pekingese

  • Weight: 7-14 pounds
  • Characteristics: Pekingese are known for their lion-like appearance and regal demeanor. They are affectionate with their family but can be reserved around strangers.

14. Border Terrier

  • Weight: 11-15 pounds
  • Characteristics: Border Terriers are small, tough terriers with a wiry coat. They are energetic, friendly, and have a strong prey drive.

15. Papillon

  • Weight: 5-10 pounds
  • Characteristics: Papillons are known for their butterfly-like ears and elegant appearance. They are intelligent, trainable, and have a friendly, outgoing personality.

Each of these breeds has its unique charm and characteristics, making them great companions for those who love the size and weight of Boston Terriers. Whether you're looking for a playful and energetic dog like the Jack Russell Terrier or a gentle and affectionate breed like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, there's a breed out there that's perfect for you.

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